"I can say with conviction that my recovery from an injury - and consequent surgery - is a sure thing. The progress I have made is nothing short of remarkable, and I attribute this to Carol's knowledge of, and gifts in, diverse therapies that combine to produce genuine results. I will always be grateful to Carol for her help."

- Hollis Henning, Malibu

About Carol Alverson, LME, CLDT

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​​​​Specializing in cosmetic and postoperative manual lymphatic drainage therapy.

"Carol, who heals!" - Suzanne Somers, Actor and Best-Selling Wellness Author

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Sonagenics'™ method of manual lymphatic drainage is unparalleled for healing after cosmetic and other surgical procedures. The ultra light touch of lymphatic drainage therapy decreases swelling, stimulates nerve energy and clears out toxins for a  rapid recovery. The Sonagenics method exceeds other traditional lymphatic drainage therapy techniques in that it combines anatomical science with Eastern healing modalities, using the hands to sense physical and energetic disruptions in the body the way a sonar device scans images under a surface. Hence the name Sonagenics™. 

"Carol is not a facialist. She's a face transformer."

 - Fran Drescher, Actor

​​​​​​​​​​​​​CAROL ALVERSON is a licensed and board-certified Los Angeles aesthetician who has integrated conventional Western skin therapies with Eastern techniques – resulting in her own exclusive healing and skin care science she has trademarked as Sonagenics™.

Carol has honed her innovative methods while practicing with leading cosmetic surgeons and some of the most celebrated salons, spas and exercise-and-nutrition professionals in Los Angeles for the past twenty-five years.

Recognizing that the vast majority of patients were left to their own devices when it came to the healing process after surgery- 

in 2005, under the direction of Joel A. Aronowitz M.D., Division Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Carol established the Sonagenics medical spa featuring healing treatments specifically for the post operative surgical patient.

" My passion for healing led me to experience and learn very deep and transformative healing processes. The tools of which I've been gifted, have allowed me to build a platform of healing modalities grounded in the physical, utilized on the energetic levels and informed by spirit." - Carol Alverson