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"I come out feeling energized and refreshed. I look ten years younger and my face looks great! A Sonagenics facial is like taking the mini vacation I don't have time to take" - Diane Rowe, Santa Monica

"I've never had a facial treatment give me the kind of results that Carol does" - Christine Peters, Producer

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Sonagenics™ is . . . 

A REMARKABLE METHOD for sculpting and contouring the face and body, particularly for a rapid recovery after cosmetic and surgical procedures. The components are synergistic in effect and combine ancient healing principles and modalities with contemporary, state-of-the-art skin care science and technology. 

The human body is an amazing organism made up of seven energetic bodies: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, causal and astral. 

The physical body is made up of bone, muscle, lymphoid tissue, a cardiovascular and lymphatic system and comprises sixty percent of its weight in water. Meridians run through the body that allow "chi" or life force to flow through them. Think of these apparatuses as different layers in the body.

During a body treatment, these layers are accessed individually or simultaneously to clear an interference or obstruction in a particular pathway or pathways. Causes can be surgery, physical injury, illness, emotional trauma or weight gain and allergies. Lymphatic drainage treatments reopen pathways, restores mobility and fluidity to the body and as a result can realign the physical structure and appearance. Bruising, swelling, pain and stiffness quickly diminish.

For facial sculpting, my exclusive method incorporates acupressure point massage, manual lymphatic drainage and sinus unblocking techniques combined with or without medical grade peels, microdermarasion, dermaplaneing,

oxygen therapy and other vital skin therapies.

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that it is used to stimulate chi, or energy. The use of acupressure on specific points of the face releases blocked energy and toxic sinus fluids that accumulate from food allergies, environmental pollutants and emotional stress.

Pranayama is a specific breathing technique which utilizes prana - considered the universal life force in Eastern medicine. My Pranayama technique helps unblock and clear the sinus cavities which are a warehouse for stored toxins and a good breeding ground for all types of allergies. This also clears energy blocks from the body and opens the door to the mind. 

Lymphatic drainage is also incorporated to move out toxins as they drain from the acupressure and sinus unblocking. And specific facial exercises help keep muscles toned and strong.

Results are often dramatic. The face appears tighter, smoother and more sculpted. Sinus cavities clear. Both face and head feel pounds lighter. The Sonagenics™ Facial Sculpting and Contouring Treatments are a noninvasive way to keep the face youthful  and vibrant.

For those who travel frequently or have a lifestyle that includes the consumption of alcohol and/or nicotine, facial and lymphatic unblocking treatments and lymphatic drainage will keep the ageing effects of these toxic substances at bay.  And allergy sufferers will rely less on medications for relief.

The Sonagenics method also has been used with great success on people who have suffered strokes, Bells Palsy and problems relating to nerve and muscle structure and sinus issues. 

A person’s face reflects their inner world. It is not enough to treat the face or its external problems separately. Diet, emotional stress, allergies and lifestyle are all important areas to be acknowledged when treating a client.

When working on the face and body in this manner the entire body system is affected in a positive way. Along with the release of serotonin and oxytocin, meridians in the body are opened and will release energy blocked in areas which correspond to the meridians stimulated. 

The laying on of hands can be very powerful when used with right intention. Those of us working in this type of service know that touch heals or congeals! Treating the whole person is the goal of a  Sonagenics™ treatment.

  Carol Alverson, LME, CLDT.